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    U.S. Luxury Liner Breaks Down off Mexican Coast


    by NTDTelevision

    An American luxury liner is being towed to port, after breaking down off the Mexican coast. An engine room fire has caused serious damage to the ship’s propulsion system. No injures have been reported.

    Tugboats guide an American luxury liner to port in San Diego on Wednesday. An engine fire left the liner stranded off the Mexican coast.

    The Carnival Cruise Lines ship is a 952-foot-long luxury liner with nearly 3,300 passengers and a crew of almost 1,200 aboard.

    An engine room fire on Monday morning left it dead in the water. No injuries have been reported.

    Civil defense officials in Mexico’s Baha California state of Ensenada say the Carnival officials have said they will take the ship into San Diego.

    Other news reports say there is still a chance the ship could be redirected to Ensenada.

    [Julio Cesar Obregon, Ensenada’s Civil Defense]:
    "We are planning strategies to follow up on it and take the people with escorts and obviously with security to the border and to their final destinations. Carnival Cruise Lines, which has representatives in Mexico City and in Ensenada, has told us they have decided to take them directly to port in San Diego."

    Obregon added that a fleet of tugs are guiding the massive ship.

    Helicopters have begun ferrying food, water and other provisions to the marooned vessel.

    A company spokeswoman said the Carnival Splendor normally carries enough food and water to last at least a week but ran short because the ship lost its refrigeration.

    The blaze, which took about three hours to put out, also crippled the Splendor's propulsion system.

    The ship began its voyage on Sunday from Long Beach, south of Los Angeles.

    Carnival says passengers from the ship would be given a full refund, as well as a complimentary future cruise.