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    Ghost Bird


    by Microcinema

    Set in a murky swamp full of birders, scientists and reporters, Ghost Bird explores the limits of certainty, the seductive power of hope, and how one phantom woodpecker changed a Southern town forever. This thrilling eco-noir investigates the strange but true story of a small town in Arkansas overrun by a nation of birders all in search of the Holy Grail with wings - the Ivory-billed woodpecker. Presumed extinct for over half a century, the iconic bird was seen flying through the bayous of eastern Arkansas in 2004 by scientists who announced the Ivory-bill’s miraculous rediscovery. Or was it? Despite years of searching, the bird’s fate remains a mystery. This witty, intelligent documentary brings the Ivory-bill’s blurry rediscovery into focus, revealing our uneasy relationship with nature and the increasing uncertainty of our place within it.