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    Filipino Activists Denied Entry into South Korea for G20 Pr


    by NTDTelevision

    And more news on the lead up to the G20 Summit in South Korea. Protesters have flocked to the nation's capital to voice their opposition to the meeting, but for one group from the Philippines, their trip was cut short.

    Filipino activists protest outside the South Korean Embassy in Manila on Monday. They were there to support eight Filipinos who were barred from entering South Korea to protest against the G20 summit.

    Those protesting outside the embassy say the South Korean authorities wrongly barred entry to the group.

    [Rast Deliso, Protester]:
    "We also demand that all international activists who are entering South Korea be allowed free access, together with Filipino activists who have already been given their visas."

    Thousands of activists were set to gather in South Korea to hold a big protest against the G20 Summit on Friday.

    South Korea's chief of police says about 200 foreigners who have records of protests were also denied entry.

    Josua Mata is one of the eight Filipinos deported. He says it shouldn’t have happened because he had all the necessary paperwork to enter South Korea, and that he was never given a reason for being deported.

    [Josua Mata, Deported Protestor]:
    "We believed that South Korean government erred when they stopped us from entering their country. Despite the fact that they have granted us a visa, they have violated our rights, especially our right to protest, to speak on behalf of our own members especially at this moment when G20 is discussing, planning the future of everyone in this planet.”

    The G20 Summit is a yearly meeting of 20 large economies around the world, to discuss global financial and economic development.

    [Josua Mata, Deported Protestor]:
    "We firmly believe that the G20 has no right to decide our future for everyone in this planet."

    There's tight security for the G20 summit, where over 10,000 participants, including 32 heads of governments and leaders of international organizations will participate.