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    Deviled Eggs - Stupidly Simple Snacks

    Hungry Nation

    by Hungry Nation

    Amy of makes her favorite snack of all time, deviled eggs. Here she demonstrates how to properly hard-boil an egg and attempts to imitate Tim Ferriss' nifty no-peel hard-boiled egg trick. Get the story behind Amy's snack videos and follow her food adventures on http://amyblogschow.comSpecial Thanks to:Tim Ferriss: Rosner: http://dannirosner.comAriel Publicity: http://arielpublicity.comStupidly Simple Snacks is produced by NYC food writer and blogger Amy Cao ( to show non-cooks how to fake it til they make it in the kitchen. Joined by chefs, friends, and sometimes just by herself, Amy tackles easy recipes for everything from milkshakes to guacamole using basic kitchen equipment and ingredients you have at home.Website: Twitter: