Guinea Electoral Body Expects Delays in Presidential Poll

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The people of Guinea may have to wait up to five days for the results of their presidential election. But Guineans are happy they finally have a free voting system.

The people of Guinea are waiting anxiously for the outcome of the country's landmark presidential vote.

The national election body says it may take up to five days for the final results. They’ve U.N. helicopters to help with transport of ballots from remote rural areas.

Sunday's run-off poll completed the first free election in the West African state since independence from France in 1958.

The vote passed peacefully. But clashes in recent weeks between rival political groups raise concerns of conflict once a winner is announced.

[Alia, Coffee Shop Owner, Capital—Conakry]:
"No matter who will be elected tomorrow, the people have already proven themselves. How many years have we taken to the streets to demand this democracy? Nobody, nobody can take it away from us from now on.”

The second round puts former Prime Minister, Diallo, against Alpha Conde, a veteran opposition leader.

The two groups have a long history of rivalry and mutual mistrust.

The mood on Monday remains cautiously optimistic in the capital, Conakry.

Stability in Guinea is vital to the security of the wider region, where neighboring Ivory Coast is also finally going ahead with presidential elections.

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