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    Rescued Chilean Miner Tackles NY Marathon


    by NTDTelevision

    Over to New York, where one of the men rescued from a Chilean mine has completed the New York marathon. It's just three weeks after his dramatic rescue.

    Until three weeks ago Edison Pena exercised by running through the tunnels of the Chilean mine in which he was trapped with his colleagues.

    Now he's put the effort to good use by completing the New York marathon.

    [Edison Pena, Chilean Miner] (Spanish):
    "Everywhere there were Chileans shouting and cheering for us and waving Chilean flags and I knew I wasn't going to do a really good time but I was motivated and encouraged by them and that helped me to keep going."

    Pena was the 12th of the 33 Chilean miners to be hauled to freedom in a ground-breaking rescue mission last month.

    He and his companions were brought to the surface in a specially-built capsule barely wider than a man's shoulders.

    When a cave-in trapped them about 650 ft, below ground on August 5th, Pena kept in shape with 10-kilometre runs through the tunnels.

    Pena completed the New York marathon in just over five hours 40 minutes.

    It wasn't a winning time but a week of TV appearances and a demonstration of his singing skills has been winning hearts in the United States.