Slavery and the 8 veils - ENGLISH - High Quality HD

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Interesting post. Helpful too.

I think the 7th and 8th veils may have to do with getting rid of judgement by realizing there is no such thing as evil and loving all that is for we are all One; To love All for the lessons they teach us to help us experience and grow. -

And that we are all individually God; we create the reality that we experience and as God, have the power to create infinitly.
Par Jamie-Lee Nix l'année dernière
Truly Beautiful... SO Grateful for your efort... Thank you for encouraging Drake and Company... I AM THAT I AM... Predrag Saint Germain...
Par Predrag Bracanovich il y a 2 ans
:ouepla it is Very good ;)
Par naomiri8 il y a 4 ans