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    Josh Woodward: "Pompeii" (NEW song, with album ...


    by joshwoodwardmusic

    New album news! And a track from the new album. The last remains of Pompeii burned The gadabout had just returned To see the ashes covering the town Empires burned and cities fell While lovers kissed and said farewell And laid their fragile bodies on the ground But I'm not scared to burn To dust, I will return again If you'll stay by my side I'll lay down and I won't hide from fate Vesuvius was growing colder Embers that had hotly smoldered Settled into lifeless dust below The gadabout was still alive But not another soul survived So through the blackened streets he walked alone [chorus] The centuries will come and go The sun will shine, the wind will blow And we will curse the passing of the years But time's eternal, day by day It's us who pass, and blow away Soon no one will remember we were here [chorus]