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    How To Clean Your LeveLuk SD501 Kangen Water Machine

    Danny Ang

    by Danny Ang

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    The Enagic Water Ionizers are designed to use a 100% Organic Citrus Acid E-Cleaner that is ideal for cleaning and removing the built up calcium off of the platinum/titanium plates. No other ionizers have this key function. Do not overlook this feature. This is a HUGE benefit of ALL of the water ionizers that extends the life many years to come. According to the manufacturer, one e-cleaner pack (see picture above) should be used once every one to two weeks for optimal performance of your Kangen Water™ Ionizer. The process is simple enough! Just replace your filter with the e-cleaner filter, add a fresh pack, fill with water and let it set for 4 to 6 hours. Run your machine, and you will notice the white flakes exiting! This is a great way to keep your machine at its optimal level. As to the frequency of use, it is recommended to use your best judgement. In very hard water areas, use this cleaner once a week and in soft water areas, use once a month.