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    Cold Fusion - Answer to all our energy problems


    by motioncrapper

    Original Video:
    Cold Fusion, although virtually ignored by mainstream academic research, has continued underground through the efforts of brave and dedicated scientists. I am now pleased to bring you the technological and theoretical breakthrough we've all been waiting for... Clean, virtually inexhaustible energy in the form of sea water! Let the Cold Fusion Revolution begin!
    1 Teaspoon of Heavy Water has the energy content of 300 Gallons of Gasoline. You could go 55 million miles on a gallon. There is enough deuterium fusion fuel in the top 1 foot of seawater in the San Francisco Bay to supply all of mankind's projected energy needs for the next 50-100 years... And you wonder why the Federal Reserve Corporation has been suppressing it... Since their petro-dollars and their power is backed by Oil.

    Cold Fusion NOW!
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