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The founders of Interns Anonymous explain why they set up their campaign and website. They spill the beans on the largest survey ever done with interns and challenge the idea that a whole generation should put up with working for free. As Rosy Rickett put it “internships don’t get you jobs, jobs get you jobs.”


I really like these two, they actually did something about the situation of graduates not only not finding jobs and having to take internships - basically working for nothing - but actually finding they can't even get good internships . How absurd is that. We have got to the point where there is so little jobs available, so little opportunities out there, that graduates are competing fiercely just so they can work for nothing! I like the 'spat' they have at the end where Rosie says demanding good internships isn't the end goal but creating a society that provides jobs for everyone is and Alex quizzes this and says you can't just magic up jobs. I am with Rosie on wanting to demand a society that provides the jobs for all, this is the bare minimum isn't it - jobs for all or at least a living wage for everyone. Far cry from what our coalition government is working towards.
By Vivregan 4 years ago
It’s not solely the lack of jobs that is keeping young people from getting a job after an internship, it is having an internship for the sake of having one to list on your CV, that hurts many people. Skills are so essential for getting a job, and if you can put down that you have a degree in journalism and worked for a television station, but can only say that you fetched coffee and helped at the assignment desk every once in a while, it won’t help you. Yes, it is a fact that employers are cutting jobs, but that is not a reason for people to just apply to any internship and waste their time. People should look at what skills they can develop to make them more competitive in the workforce.
By Krystle05 4 years ago
Internships are seen as a great opportunity to learn more about the field you have chosen and gain valuable experience which (many believe) will kick-start your career. However, if the number of jobs available is less than the number of graduates, internships as Rosy Rickett has said, are not going to get you a job.

Furthermore, many companies are exploiting graduates by employing them on unpaid, long-term internships, taking advantage of the tough jobs market. Although under the National Minimum Wage Act, interns who work rather than observe should be paid, employers have taken advantage of the willingness of young people to get work, to pay just expenses, or nothing at all. As such, the government should not only establish clear guidelines on internships, but should also impose tough measures on companies having abusive behaviour, because with Britain facing the harshest employment conditions in a generation, it will only get worse for interns.
By MarisaPereira 4 years ago
Indeed, as Rosy Rickett says in this piece “Internships don’t get you jobs. Jobs get you jobs”. She’s right of course, but I do have a problem with anti-internship campaigns demanding that interns be paid national minimum wage, because not only does that justify a paltry sum which is in any case not enough for anyone (intern or not) to live on but if you expect so little, then that’s the small amount you’ll get. We should be demanding more jobs and shouldn’t be looking to education, training or NMW to fill that gap.
By Baqarah 4 years ago
As Interns Anonoymous states it is simply not possible to do an internship if you are not paid, especially if you are doing it in a expensive city as London. So how can somebody afford life without money? I mean you cant live from fresh air? But you have to collect work experiences to get some furter qualification for a future job. So the only way to get work experience is to ask ypu parents to help or you have to save money during your studies to get work experience. And this is definetly the wrong way.

I mean internships are a good thing and really helpful to improve your work skills. But the employer sees the interns simply as cheap or even free workers which is leading to a further discussion on unempolyment. As the students are unemployed as they dont get money and as the is simply a a lack of jobs.
By KatjaMuellers1 4 years ago