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    Chemtrails = Aircrap - SCARE1 - Anthony J Hilder


    by anthonyjhilder

    It is coming from above... Dont't be very afraid! A toxic fog is being dispersed out he back end...of hundreds of airborne tankers on an innocent population below. Aluminum oxide, barium, strontium, and sulphur flouride is rumored to be part of the toxic mix. The "Air Crap" once referred to as Chemtrails is causing respiratory problems, lowering of concentration and IQ. there is no question...there is a full scale assault being taken against humanity says Corrine spence "chair" of SCARE - Santa Cruz Alert Response Emergency. "It is scary as hell" It is more deadly than the H bomb at is a soft, slow and delayed kill. People seldom look up. Anthony J Hilder Southern California movie maker is making a film about the "Death Dumps" Free World Film Works commoncrime.net