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    More Time Travellers Caught On Film in 1928 !!


    by joeyd55

    was checking out these latest vids when I stumbled onto this...scary just as scary as the Coldplay audioswap,...Did you see that though? Segways? what the heck is goin on!!! ignore the following. It's obsolete now! They had Segways!!! Ahhhhh!!! I'm putting on my tinfoil cap and chilling under my bed for a bit. I'll see ya guys...

    The government has been rumored to have sent her back in time. This woman has the entire world buzzing now. Freaky that she is long gone and has no idea anyone is even talking about her.

    Cell phone seen in 1928!! time traveller? lost technology?!! It's frying my brain I don't understand... I mean this HAD to be filmed on the streets during a Charlie Chaplin production My best friends aunts, ex boyfriends, second cousin seen this film first hand!! ... there is no way they can make films look old like this!! they'd have to have wardrobe and a set.. it's insanity!! LMAO... c'mon.