Advertising Console

    Meet Emma the annoying advertiser


    by HigginsWade6581

    Download Link File: ALERT TURN ON ANNOTATIONS OR IT WILL LOOK SPACED OUT!!! I am sorry that this vid is kinda spaced but I cant put AVI files into Sony Vegas. My computer vids are crappy cause their just gonna be scratched up videos like this. I dont do computer vids the only computer youll see from me is this kinda stuff now on with it. The link is and personally they act like assholes. this person named Emma will come up and chat with you trying to get you to CLICK HERE instead of watch the introduction and browse the website. I freaking hate the way advertisers act they are so rude. so comment on how this EMMA is acting and ill see. Oh and I LOVE IT when she goes "that was rude" -_-