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    Lifestyle Tip 13 - Your Most Precious Resource "Time" - ...


    by OliHille

    19 views Everything you own now will either be rust or dust or be owned by someone else in 100 years time. Think about that! Therefore you don’t actually “own” anything; in effect you are leasing it. The one thing you do actually “own” is your time. Time is the most precious commodity you have. Unfortunately it is a diminishing resource so you must use it wisely. How you spend your day is your business. But you don’t want to get to the end of your life and look back on thousands of wasted hours. The worst ways you can waste time in your day: 1. Not planning it. 2. By letting other people waste your day. 3. By poor use of “Stress Relief” or “Leisure Time”. 4. Watching more than a couple of hours of TV a week. 5. Sleeping more than you need to.