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Lifestyle Tip 10 - Find Your Soul Mate - "Creating the ...

7 years ago47 views


OliHille Here are the key factors in giving yourself the best chance of finding and staying with a Soul Mate and life partner: 1. Understand Yourself You cannot hope to find the right person if you don’t know who you are and where you are heading. Invest time in finding out what really makes you excited and holds your attention. Work out what you believe and why. Until you get to that point, don’t dream of making a life-long commitment to someone else! 2. Understand Your Partner It is so easy in the beginning to see all the similarities you share. Someone likes you and you like them. Their voice sounds like beautiful music and their smile lights up the room. You daydream about them all day long and you start writing poetry! But STOP! That isn’t enough to base a lifetime commitment on. You need to really and truly get to know and understand that person. Anyone can pretend to be anything they want to be for a few months and both parties are always on their best behavior for the first few months. 3. Influences Everyone is the average of the five people they spend the most time with. Who are their closest friends? Who are their role-models? Who are their heroes or heroines? That is what they are really like and what they are gravitating towards.