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    Lifestyle Tip 17 - Television is Killing Your Life - ...


    by OliHille

    12 views One of the biggest time-wasters and therefore one of the biggest reasons why people don’t spend time on setting goals and achieving them is television. Ask yourself these questions: • How many hours a week do I spend just channel-flicking? • How many hours of TV advertising do I see in a week (around 15 minutes per hour)? • How many times do I go to bed later than I would like to because I kept watching TV? • How many TV programs do I watch just because they happen to be on, not because I planned to watch them? • In all the TV I watched last week, how did it meet any of my Lifestyle goals? TV used to be cutting-edge technology, but that was 20 years ago. It is now an inefficient way to get entertainment and news.