Police Provocateurs at Montebello Summit (2007)

Wicked Nemesis
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An amateur video posted on the internet shows cops disguised as anarchist protesters trying to provoke fights between riot police and demonstrators at last month’s Montebello, Quebec, summit meeting of the US and Mexican presidents and Canada’s prime minister.

The video, dated August 20, shows three burly, aggressive-looking masked men trying to join a group of smaller, youthful demonstrators wearing black and carrying red flags. One of the thugs is carrying a sign that says: “An end to war and globalization.” Another has a rock in his hand.

Dave Coles, president of the Communications, Energy, and Paperworkers Union of Canada, one of the demonstration’s organizers, confronts the three thugs. He asks the one with a rock to drop it and asks all of them to show their faces. One of the masked-men then shoves Coles and gives him the middle finger. At this moment, a group of peaceful demonstrators begins chanting, “Police, police."