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    Will Ferrell goes alien in Megamind


    by ODN


    Will Ferrell stars opposite Brad Pitt in Dreamwork's latest animation Megamind, where he voices the title character, an unsuccessful master villain.

    Will Ferrell says he joined the cast as the story was unique: "It was just more of a creative choice that felt exciting and a great cast and a great original premise for the movie.

    "A great kind of take for the superhero movie that hasn't been told before."

    Ben Stiller, who worked as executive producer on the film, believes this is not your average tale of a hero and villain.

    "Megamind is going through this mid-life crisis where he's having this existential dilemma of what his life is about.

    "Once he gets rid of his main rival all of a sudden he has nothing to do in life. And so that idea of the villain being the protagonist was a really fun idea for a film," he said.

    Megamind is released in UK cinemas on 3 December.