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    Solidary - We are all the same - Somos todos iguales - Paul

    Paul Chehade

    by Paul Chehade

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    Dear Friends:

    We are all the same - Somos todos iguales.

    Being all the same does not mean that we are all identical; it does mean that we are all one family.

    Our DNA is made as same DNA as the tree so we have a common destiny with the tree. We are all from the earth and when the earth, water the atmosphere is corrupted then will create her owns reaction mother is reacting. The world has became a market and in this market we have to deal with and this is idea of boundless and endless resources, when you said resources you are talking about our relatives our family and requires all the respect.

    Life is programmed to seek what it needs and to avoid that which is harmful or deadly. Life that isn't so programmed does not survive for long. Because we are all made from the same materials and by necessity have the same prime directive to survive and reproduce, it is natural that there is much overlap in what living organisms need to live and to thrive.

    A society of free