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    Christian Based Drug Rehab Center


    by RecoveryPlace

    A Story About Faith Based Recovery (877) 231-1827 Christian based drug rehab centers are for those seeking guidance through the word of God to help in recovery. Philip rekindled his faith at The Recovery Place using the Word of God to strengthen and add to the Christian addiction treatment plan that was created for him. The Recovery Place is a client-centered program that treats the whole person, physical, emotional and spiritual. Philip felt he’d always been religious, but somehow, as addiction took over his life, he lost his connection to God and to everything else in his life. Philip has been clean for 50 days now, and is convinced that choosing faith based treatment is a huge part of his success. The Recovery Place Christian drug program is run by addiction specialists who also have Christian values and beliefs. Bible study is a large part of the program, and clients learn to take what they learn to strengthen their recovery plan.