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by EcoBold

More info and links here: http://www.ecobold.com/compost-bag-by-biobag/ BioBag makes several types of compostable bags. From biodegradable trash bags to compost bags, to dog bags and even a small kitchen compost bin that I love and use for my fruits and veggies scraps. Their prices are relatively affordable, the dog bags for example, are selling for about $4.99 for a box of 50, which means you're paying .10 cents per bag. If you can, why not? And if you can compost, why wouldn't you? Their small composting bin for the kitchen is very convenient, you can use it if you live in an apartment or even in a house and just need a place to put your fruits and veggies scraps (remember, never cooked food or meat/fish or bread). It easily becomes a free fertilizer that you can give away, use in your garden, plants, or just in the grass, it helps get your soil much stronger and healthier. Some cool facts about the BioBag are, according to their website: BioBag is proud to be the best selling brand of 100% biodegradable and certified compostable bags made from the material, Mater-Bi. We are also proud to be the first “bag from corn” to achieve national distribution of retail products through natural food stores across the country. The city of San Francisco selected BioBag to promote their residential food waste collection program. The city is sending 100,000 rolls of BioBags to residents within the county to help educate consumers on the importance of diverting food and other biodegradable waste from entering landfills. San Francisco residents can now purchase additional supplies at over 100 outlets in the bay area. BioBag is proud to be a partner in this important effort The tall kitchen bags are strong and it has star sealed bottom for extra strength. BioBag also has lawn and leaf bags, shopping bags, and even a portable toilet bag, quite interesting. They say that the BioToi toilet and the Nature Bio-Bag waste bags works great for camping, boating, hiking, hunting, RV's and other related outdoor activities. Also, ...