Mr Can AKIN - Darling Who's From Izmir I love You Deeply…

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Darling Who’s From Izmir I love You Deeply…

In the sky of Alsancak
Let’s choose the most shining stars,
Be one of them, the other me
Let’s stop our separation make peace…

In the sky of Izmir let’s be two shining stars
You should be the North star in Alsancak
So should I in Karsıyaka,
Let’s be shining all the time
And be happy together…

Even our love isn’t true compeletely
Why don’t we go to the
Fisherman cafe hand in hand
When boat sounds and screams
Of sea gulls are echod by the the people,

Let’s be hand in hand and kiss silently
Even I lead my upset,tired and naughty heart
To the other stars of other shores
And other sand castles
Darling who’s from Izmir I love you deeply….

Poem: Can AKIN

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