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    Merapi's Continued Eruptions Raise Fear Among Villagers


    by NTDTelevision

    Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano continues to erupt plumes of ash today. It's raising fears among villagers in the region, who fear their homes and livestock will be lost.

    Indonesia’s Mount Merapi volcano erupted again on Thursday in its biggest eruption since it began to spew ash last Tuesday. Some of the plumes reached almost two-and-a-half miles high.

    The recent eruptions have taken a toll on people in the surrounding villages.

    Just three miles from the volcano, residents of Deles village raced to their homes to retrieve belongings and to check on livestock. Most have evacuated, but some have stayed behind.

    [Toto, Villager from Deles]:
    "I'm a bit worried about this situation. In the past, I would go back to my house in the mornings to check on my livestock, but now I'm afraid.”

    According to a volcanologist, lava has already overwhelmed the big rivers and started to flow into tributaries in the lower slopes. More eruptions are expected.

    74-thousand evacuees are being told to stay put in the shelters until the volcano cools down. The estimated 122 shelters are strained for resources like water and sanitation facilities.