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    They Come Again

    Steve Caston

    by Steve Caston

    An original song and animation by Self recorded and animated.
    Search the sky - it isn’t there - look around you.. the place is bare - I only had to hear it once - And now - nothing’s ever been the same - Just hearing – can make you change - You will remember... I still remember - You are a figure in a thread-worn suit - I am a sister to the swollen moon - We use our fingers to dislodge the earth - But it’s too soon - Much to soon - There is the echo of the thing we heard - there is the time and there is the pain - I thought that grace would heal all wounds - they are still here... - they come again - Pray to God for just a moment’s rest - But there is God and there is something else - there are thing that prayer won’t change - I call the name - they come again - We will stand silent when the rain begins - there is no fear there is just relief - we stand and listen to the rising sound - This is the moment when it all begins...
    It is a game... - they come again