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Eminem is a fn genius.. Words, meaning, literary devices used, even his delivery gives the music more rhythm than just the beat! Take a look at "The Way I Am" that entire song is two unstressed syllables then one stressed syllable.. The entire song! I forget what the Hume scheme is called, but I remember from High School that it is the hardest rhyme scheme to write poems using, poems.. Let alone songs! His alliterations, metaphors, everything are genius.. I'm no English major, but I do appreciate the language, and I do like writing when I can, and from the perspective of a writer, his work is just amazing. Not even counting the fact that it just gets you pumped up, excited and makes you wanna dance and sing along! He truly is the best rapper alive. No other singer/songwriter has the artistic skill and creativity that he does with his lyrics, and even all you haterZ HAVE to give him that. There's no way Jay-Z or Ja Rule can write themselves, on their own, and have it be this good! No
Amanda S geçen yıl
Rica ederim kimkiki ^_^
★Night Star★ 3 sene önce
loconana75 3 sene önce
Ellerine ,emeğine sağlık , paylaşım için çok teşekkür ederim.
kimkiki 3 sene önce
süper... eline sağlık.. paylaşım için tşk ederim..
gecimsiz 3 sene önce
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