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    Rhombus - Anywhere

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    Rhombus are regarded as one of the finest Goth Rock bands to emerge from England in many years. Mixing male and female vocals with swirling guitars and driving bass, they combine some of the best elements of traditional 80s/90s UK Goth, with their own more modern distinctive approach. The songs are well crafted and catchy, possessing both depth and a sharp sense of humour.

    Now established as one of the best live acts on the UK alternative circuit, Rhombus’s exciting brand of Goth Rock draws admirers from as far afield as Germany, Greece, Italy, Australia, Russia, Brazil and USA.

    The release of their second album Remembrance Day with the support of Resurrection Records in 2007 marked a big turning point as the permanent line up increased to four and the band started to take themselves more seriously. A conscious decision was made to put more effort into presentation, improving the stage show and developing the sound. This move quickly bore fruit, the gigs got bigger, the band got better and the audiences grew and grew.

    January 2010 saw the release of Open The Sky. Released in conjunction with Resurrection Record in London and AF Music in Germany this album takes the band to a new level. Now with a settled line up bringing an additional song writer to the group, this album was written and produced by all four members together last year. The production is the best Rhombus have delivered, thanks in no small part to Stephen Carey (The Eden House) coming on board to handle the mixing duties.

    The songs are lively, rich and mature but without losing the ‘pop sensibilities’ Rhombus songs are well known for. Rhombus have always known how to do catchy. All four members of the band bring a myriad of different styles to the melting pot with plenty of light and shade bringing poignancy, power and passion to what is set to be one of the most exciting releases of 2010.