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    Philippines Arrests "Most Wanted" Fugitive


    by NTDTelevision

    Police arrest one of the Philippines' "most wanted" fugitives. Rolando Farjardo (far HA doh) is wanted for several kidnappings including one involving a Japanese businessman in 1986.

    The Philippines' most wanted kidnapping suspect was nabbed by authorities after he arrived in the country on a flight from Singapore on Monday.

    Rolando Fajardo (pron far HA doh), the leader of a group police say are responsible for numerous kidnappings, was immediately arrested at the Ninoy Aquino International airport.

    [Magtanggol Gatdula, Director, National Bureau of Investigation]:
    "We have nine warrants of arrest for kidnap-for-ransom, and a warrant of arrest for car nabbing."

    Authorities say Fajardo had been hiding in Italy, and that an informant had tipped them on his return.

    Fajardo says he’s innocent.

    [Rolando Fajardo, Kidnapping Suspect]:
    "I've kept my silence for a long time while people have been saying bad things about me. Now, I am breaking my silence to defend my rights and to prove my innocence."

    Fajardo and his younger brother Harold are suspected of being behind a spate of crimes.

    Both had been in hiding since being charged with the kidnapping of a Japanese businessman at a golf course in Laguna in 1986.