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    Filipinoes Flock to Cemeteries on All Saints Day


    by NTDTelevision

    Families gather in crowded cemeteries across the Philippines to pay homage to the dead on All Saints' Day. Otherwise known as "The Day of the Dead," it's a mix of mourning, reverence and celebration.

    Millions of Filipinos flock to cemeteries on Monday to mark "All Saints Day" with a mixture of reverence and celebration.

    A public holiday and Catholic holy day, All Saints Day is a time to remember those who have passed.

    [Emir Guarin, Mourner]:
    "It eases the pain because once a year, on these days, we get the chance to remember our loved ones."

    About 50,000 people camped overnight at Manila North Cemetery around the graves of their relatives.

    Up to two million people are expected to head into the 130 acre site throughout Monday.

    It's a solemn affair for some.

    [Rosolito Mendiola, Widower]:
    "I love my wife dearly but God took her away from us early. Now I'm alone in looking after our daughter."

    The cemeteries have taken on a carnival-like atmosphere. Vendors set up stalls within the grounds. As families prayed over their loved ones' graves, candles were lit on tombstones, colorful flowers arranged around burial plots, and plates of food passed around.

    Families also sing songs and play around the graves to include the spirits of the dead in the celebration.

    The Philippines has one of the largest Catholic populations in the world.