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    Separated Korean Families Reunite at Mt. Kumgang Resort


    by NTDTelevision

    Families separated by the Korean War enjoy an emotional reunion. But sadly, it can't last and the South and North Korean family members say tearful goodbyes to each other when the three-day reunion ends.

    Over 400 South Koreans said tearful goodbyes to their North Korean relatives on Monday after an emotional three-day reunion in the communist state.

    They met at Mount Kumgang resort just miles from the border on the Korean peninsula's east coast.

    Many family members and relatives were meeting after being separated for more than half a century.

    Most of the thousands of South Koreans looking for lost family members in the North are 70 or older.

    [Kim Seon-ah, North Korean]:
    "Please don't cry. I'll live longer and I'll see you again."

    When the buses carrying North Koreans were about to leave, many reached out for each other's hands.

    This reunion is the first to take place for over a year.

    Over the past 10 years more than 20,000 South Koreans have been briefly reunited with their relatives.

    But time is ticking away for many of the aging 80,000 still waiting for their chance to meet their long-lost family members.