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    Keith Lemon fears for Cher Lloyd


    by ODN

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    Celebrity Juice's Keith Lemon has expressed fears for Cher Lloyd and is worried that the pressures of fame may turn her into the 'next SuBo'.

    Speaking at the launch of his fitness DVD, Keith Lemon's Fit, the presenter said, "She's very young though, she's 16. I'm scared for her in a Sue Boyle sort of way that she might not be able to handle it, all the fame and stuff because she's so young."

    He also offered to take her to Toys R' Us if she feels that her childhood has been 'stolen' by The X Factor.

    As well as Cher, Lemon is following Niall from One Direction and is a fan of his excitable demeanour saying, "He's only about ten isn't he, so he's going to be excited."

    Keith's DVD is being released in conjunction with Deanne Berry from the infamous "Call on Me" music video by Eric Prydz.