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    Merapi Erupts Again, Spewing Out Ash Coulds


    by NTDTelevision

    Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano erupts for the fourth time in a week, spewing out superheated ash clouds. More eruptions are expected in the weeks ahead.

    Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano spewed out superheated ash clouds shooting up to 5,000 feet from the peak on Monday. Panic spread as residents fled a six-mile danger radius after bursts of ash clouds rose from the summit.

    [Subandrio, Volcanologist]:
    "This is the fourth eruption of Merapi since its first eruption on October 26, and we've observed that this one is not bigger than the previous eruption.”

    More eruptions are expected in the weeks ahead.

    Merapi's wrath has sent around 65,000 fleeing their homes since powerful eruptions started last Tuesday.

    Authorities warned villagers not to return to their homes until the alert level is lowered.

    The rumblings continued over the weekend. An explosion on Saturday sent dust clouds all the way to Yogyakarta City, some 20 miles away.

    The death toll from the eruptions has reached 38.