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    Rob Brydon says Tom Jones is Austin Powers


    by ODN


    As the UK Music Industry Trust gave Tom Jones an award, an array of Welsh stars came out to honour him.

    Tom was picking up a lifetime award for his contribution to the music industry and Cerys Matthews, Rob Brydon and Kelly Jones all hit the red carpet to support him.

    The 'Sex Bomb' singer performed alongside former Catatonia star Cerys whom he collaborated with for 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' and Stereophonics frontman Kelly at the event.

    Tim Burton, who directed Tom in Mars Attacks presented him with the award and spoke of him highly saying: "He's great. He's just the kind of person you like being around and he's just got that energy that is, like I said, there's not many people I've met in my life who are, you just feel that way, you know and so he's really a special person...I tried to learn something from it that way but I'm not as cool as he is."

    Gavin and Stacey's Rob Brydon added, "In Wales he's like a deity you know. I think everybody in Wales is just very proud of him, you know, for the way he has put the country on the map and I think a lot of Welsh men live vicariously through him. They kind of read about him and they see him here and there in the world living this kind of Austin Powers life and they go: 'Oh yeah, go on Tom.'"