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    Britain's Unaccompanied Air Freight Ban Extends To Somalia


    by NTDTelevision

    Britain's Home Secretary has announced new security measures following the recent discovery of bombs on cargo from Yemen. Unaccompanied air freight will now be banned from Somalia as well as Yemen.

    Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May has announced new measures to try to prevent future attacks on cargo planes travelling to and through the UK. She addressed the House of Commons on Monday.

    She says the suspension on unaccompanied air freight to the UK was being extended to Somalia as well as from Yemen.

    [Theresa May, British Home Secretary]:
    "This decision has been made as a precautionary measure and it will be reviewed in the coming weeks. It is based on possible contact between al Qaeda in Yemen and terrorist groups in Somalia as well as concern about airport security in Mogadishu.”

    Britain will also ban people carrying larger toner cartridges as hand luggage on flights departing from UK airports.

    Governments, airlines and aviation authorities around the world are reviewing security after U.S.-bound parcel bombs sent by air from Yemen were intercepted in Dubai and Britain.