Squid Girl - Episode 4 - How much is that squiddy in the window? / Ride 'em, Squiddy! / You're phonier than an 11-tentacled squid!

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#1: Squid Girl receives 10,000 yen as thanks for finding a wallet lost in the sand.
Having no idea about the value of money and with Nagisa accompanying her, she goes to the shopping district. Not knowing what to buy, she jets back and forth.
In the end, she buys a ton of her beloved shrimp, but Sanae has been watching the two shop from the shadows...
#2: After business hours at the Lemon, Squid Girl wants to go home with with the Aizawa family, but Eiko obstinately refuses to let her.
With no choice, Squid Girl goes to pass the time in front of the TV at the Lemon, but it breaks.
With time to kill, she amuses herself playing squid-vasion with some accessories...
#3: Squid Girl and Eiko have come to the neighboring beach to investigate and encounter a fake Squid Girl, bikini clad with a Squid Girl like head.
The owner of the South Wind House at the Sea has built a fake which discharges a black liquid from its mouth and can move its tentacles.
Wanting to exchange the fake one for the real one, he challenges them...


What an amazing video! btw check out my pics!! ...
By trinity77777 3 years ago
Cool show this is my first time watching it!
By SonicAdventure05 3 years ago