Sasameki Koto - Episode 8 - Ripple


by Crunchyroll

Sumika’s classmate, Aoi Azusa, is a fanatic fan of the author, “Orino Masaka.” For some reason, Sumika is mistaken for a fellow fan. Knowing the truth about “Orino Masaka,” which is that he is Ushio’s older brother Norio, Sumika tries to stray the conversation away, since Azusa wholeheartedly believes that the author is a woman. On the way back to class, Sumika accidentally falls on top of Azusa. Ushio passes by and witnesses Sumika on top of Azusa. Sumika chases after Ushio, who leaves the scene without saying a word. When Sumika catches up to Ushio, she sees Ushio crying. Sumika does not know what to do and is in shock from the whole ordeal.