White Album - Episode 4 - Sometimes you feel like you understand someone beyond imagination. A lot of times it's the opposite though.


by Crunchyroll

Saturday, thanks to Rina's intervention, Touya and Yuki are able to go on their first date in a long time.
They decide to go to their old high school, Harugasaki High. There, Yuki will reveal half of her secret.
Early that morning, Rina tells Touya that the time and place of the date have changed, in an attempt to have time with him for herself.
But Touya accidentally messes up the time and place that Rina designated.
While waiting anxiously for Yuki, Touya meets a senior at Hotarugaki High, Mana Mizuki.
Touya finds himself at a loss due to her strong and free-willed manner.
The two of them head for Hotarugaki High, but...