Viewtiful Joe - Episode 3 - Dude, Did You Say Viewtiful?

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While contemplating a new name for himself, Joe is suddenly transported to a new part of Movieland, a place resembling a small desert island. Meanwhile, Charles III drops Silvia off in a new prison in a secluded portion of Movieland. The members of Jadow meet at their lair shortly thereafter, and it is decided that the shark Gran Bruce should be the next one to confront their new adversary Joe. Gran Bruce confronts and battles the superhero on the island, but despite an advantage over Joe due to the environment, the shark is defeated by pure luck. Right as the battle ends, the electrical demon Alastor appears. Joe quickly matches him in combat, causing Alastor to call the fighting skills of his new rival "viewtiful", which Joe then adopts into his new name "Viewtiful Joe". As Alastor departs, he mentions to Joe that Silvia's capture is necessary for Jadow's plans of world domination.