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    Shugo Chara - Episode 1 - A Guardian Character is Born!


    by Crunchyroll

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    Others view Amu Hinamori as a "cool and spicy" girl, however she is actually timid and easily scared. The next morning, after wishing for the courage to be her "would-be" self, discovers three colorful eggs—red, blue, and green—in her bed. At school, the eggs draw the attention of Tadase Hotori whom Amu develops a crush on and confesses to in front of the entire school after a Character Change. However, Tadase rejects her. Others are also interested in the eggs as Ikuto Tsukiyomi and his Guardian Character, Yoru, attempts to steal them. One of the eggs hatch and Ran, Amu's Guardian Character, emerges to help Amu out and along with the Humpty Lock, stolen by Ikuto earlier, Character Transforms into Amulet Heart.