Shugo Chara - Episode 6 - Character Transformation! Amulet Spade!


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Amu accompanies Yaya to the guardian's ballet class. While there, Amu meets with the class's prima, Maika Himekawa. During practice, Maika sprains her ankle and Yaya is chosen to be Maika's stand-in for the upcoming performance. While thinking about Maika, Amu goes to the planetarium she discovered in episode four and meets with the planetarium's caretaker. Meanwhile, Nikaidou meets with Ikuto on the street and informs him that that Maika's egg may be the Embryo, but if it is not, Ikuto will need to clean up. During dress rehearsals, Nikaidou extracts Maika's egg, but it turns into an X Egg and hatches an X Character. Yaya Character Changes to combat the X Character but her attack is reflected back to her. Amu does her first Character Transformation with Miki and the two become Amulet Spade. As Amulet Spade, Amu is able to purify the X Character.


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