Shugo Chara - Episode 8 - I've Fallen in Love with Your Eyes!


by Crunchyroll

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mu encounters Misaki Watarai, an energetic girl who is also in love with Tadase. Misaki suggests that the two should team up to have a better chance for Tadase, but also reminds Amu that she was "safe" since Tadase has already rejected her. The two scope out the competition, including Saaya Yamabuki, head of Tadase's fan club, and Nadeshiko. But when Misaki meets with Tadase, she runs away. The next day, Misaki recruits Amu again and the two frantically search for Tadase until they find him. However, Misaki accidentally calls Tadase "Prince" and Tadase Character Changes into his egotistical king personality. After Saaya chides Misaki for Misaki's energetic personality and misunderstanding Tadase's conversation with Nadeshiko, Misaki becomes heartbroken and Nikaidou extracts Misaki's egg, but it hatches into an X Character. While Tadase provides cover, Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Heart and purifies the X Character.