Shugo Chara - Episode 26 - The New Beginning!


by Crunchyroll

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The school year ends, but Amu is depressed because Nadeshiko has left and Kukai will be graduating. To help cheer her up, Kukai teaches Amu a new move for Amulet Heart. Later that night, Ikuto wanders the streets and gets into a fight with two guys who were harassing two girls. Amu is also out shopping to cheer herself up, but she overhears the two girls as they escaped, talking about a guy with cat-like reflexes. Worrying if it was Ikuto, Amu searches and finds him in an alleyway. After Amu tries to treat his wounds and gets teased in return, Ikuto leads Amu home. Along the way, they stop at an amusement park that will be torn down soon. After riding several of the rides by herself and with the Guardian Characters, Amu finally gets Ikuto on a tea-cup ride where the two share a heart to heart moment.