Shugo Chara - Episode 40 - Rima! Unlock The Heart!


by Crunchyroll

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As Kairi cooks for Yukari, she informs him that he has one last job to complete. Meanwhile, Rima's mother wants Rima to resign from the Guardians because of the shifting pickup times. At school, Amu informs the Guardians about the Black Diamond CDs and they agree to confiscate all of them. While collecting the CDs, Amu learns about Rima's resignation letter, but Rima never turns it in. That night, the van appears at the school and plays the music. Children gather around and their eggs are extracted. Amu and Tadase arrive and Character Transform, but are overwhelmed by the X Eggs. Rima receives a call from Amu and overhears the fight. Rima confronts her parents about how they bicker over her and keep her cooped up and then runs off to help. Working together, they purify the eggs, but discover Kairi with a bag of Black Diamond CDs.