Shugo Chara - Episode 43 - Character Transformation! Amulet Diamond!


by Crunchyroll

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With the X finally removed, Amu and Diamond Character Transform into Amulet Diamond. Utau becomes depressed that she lost to Amu, but Ami appears and helps reminds Utau of her joy of singing. Yukari leaves in the helicopter, but the X Eggs stored on board hatch and escape. The Guardians battle the X Characters. Utau Character Transforms with El, becoming Seraphic Charm, and flies up with Amu to the out-of-control helicopter. Utau purifies the X Characters. However, Yukari falls and Utau catches her. Meanwhile, Amu guides the helicopter safely to the ground. When Yukari asks why Utau saved her, Utau responds that the two are partners. In the mix of the purified eggs, the shining egg appears again before flying off into the sky. Ikuto is shocked when Tadase mentions that it is the Embryo. Diamond returns to her egg, but tells Amu to remember the radiance is still within Amu.