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    Raj Patel - Maitreya - The Antichrist - The Dajjal - Part 28


    par TheTruthIsFromGod

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    The part 28 exposes the truth about what really happened during the mining accident of Copiapo.

    The mainstream media and our (demonic puppet) leaders have 100% staged this story as a psyop operation in order to prepare the world for their coming deception: the coming false Messiah (Raj Patel/Maitreya/Antichrist/Dajjal), the fake mass UFOs landing, and the release of Gog and Magog.

    The release of Gog and Magog on earth is the Punishment of God under those who are disobeying.

    There is no fighting between God and Satan, God is the Sole Master, he decides all the matters and Satan obeys, torments and loses those who refuse God as their Sole Master. The fighting is rather within yourself, either you choose God or Satan, either you have a comfortable life either a life of misery.

    With God's will, I'll show you in the next episode why the story of the 33 miners is a sign of the release of Gog and Magog.