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    Woman Survives Shark Attack in Western Australia


    by NTDTelevision

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    A tour guide was diving with dolphins off the Western Australian coast, when she was attacked by a 9.8-foot shark. She was helped by a fellow diver, who pulled the animal away from her by its tail.

    Elyse Frankcom was diving with a group of tourists to see dolphins off the coast of Perth when a 9.8-foot shark attacked her.

    A fellow diver managed to grab the shark by the tail and pull it off her.

    [Unidentified diver who helped fend off shark]:
    "No comment, thank you. It's cool, all I want is the girl to be OK."

    Frankcom was taken by helicopter for treatment. She underwent six hours of surgery and is in stable condition.

    [Frank Pisani, Fremantle Sea Rescue Skipper]:
    "The bites were to both thighs, that we could see, both left and right-hand thighs."

    Frankcom had recently posted on her Facebook page, which reads: "If I get attacked or die, at least I die happy and doing the thing I love."

    Frankcom, who works for Rockingham Wild Encounters, now has a souvenir from her ordeal.

    [Terry Houston, Operator of Rockinhham Wild Encounters]:
    "They pulled a shark tooth out of her butt so, ah, Elyse is pretty proud of that so, ah, she's got that as a bit of a memento.”

    The shark has not been officially identified but is believed to be a Great White.