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    Indonesia's Tsunami Survivors Face Dwindling Relief Supplies


    by NTDTelevision

    Survivors of the Indonesia tsunami still waiting for aid to arrive say they are running short of food and medical supplies. Rough weather at sea hampers delivery efforts.

    Survivors of the Indonesia tsunami say they now face a new crisis - they're fast running out of food and medical supplies.

    Rough weather is still keeping ship loads of vital aid from reaching parts of the remote Mentawai islands where it's most needed.

    By Sunday some of the refugees said they had enough rice for only a few days more.

    [Sitiah, Tsunami Refugee];
    "We need six kilograms of rice and ten kilograms of vegetables."

    It's the same story at the clinic where more than 120 people hurt in the tsunami are being treated.

    Staff say they're having to ration medical supplies until new stocks arrive.

    [Pardinan, Paramedic]:
    "We're running out of medical supplies. We're forced to survive with what we have."

    It's another hardship to deal with a week after the tsunami that killed at least at least 425 people and destroyed entire villages.