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    Theresa May announces terror measures


    by ODN


    Flights containing unaccompanied freight from Somalia will be suspended in the wake of the cargo plane terror plot, Theresa May has said.

    The suspension, which will come into force from midnight, is a "precautionary measure" based on "possible contact between al-Qaeda in Yemen and terrorist groups in Somalia, as well as concern about airport security in Mogadishu", Mrs May told MPs.

    Toner cartridges larger than 500g (17.6oz) will also be banned from hand baggage on flights departing from the UK and also on cargo flights unless they originate from a regular shipper with security arrangements approved by the Department for Transport, she added.

    Prime Minister David Cameron is chairing a meeting of the Government's emergency planning committee as aviation experts called for a full review of the security measures for cargo.

    Norman Shanks, former head of security at airport operator BAA, said it was time to introduce "package by package" screening after it emerged one of the cargo plane bombs was transported on passenger aircraft before being found.

    Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary said: "What happens, particularly in the coverage of the Yemeni issues of recent days, is that we have another huge lurch by the securicrats into making travel even more uncomfortable and an even more tedious ordeal for the travelling public... Sadly they always win the day and they lurch around with ludicrous new measures."