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    LF Night 41 23


    by Diddididi

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    loved the way with one comment like DONT CARE AND DONT WANT TO HEAR IT ended it straight away an john walked off lol
    By rachieee5 years ago
    I think that the truth of the matter is that john admired keeva and loved the fact he could bitch and moan with her. I don't think he fancied her but she fufilled a need for him i.e. fuelled his paranoia about the game and people being fake etcHe did want josies approval and when she said she didn't care he walked off shaking his head. josie would diffuse the situation where as keeva would feed it.
    By ktnim5 years ago
    yes but if John thinks Josie is his best friend in the house knowing full well Keevil and Josie has issues with each other over him ..he really is up Keevils backside during this argument...if I were Josie I would be fuming inside and find it difficult to be in thier company.again roll on tomorrow ..when shes gone I will put the flags out!
    By beedee35 years ago
    Carol Worster
    He was desparate to get josies approval though, wanted her to say he had been right.
    By Carol Worster5 years ago
    dont be silly lollie54, we know how much john likes an argument, he probably wud have acted the same even if it was racheal 1 that keeley pipped up about lol.
    he h'oooobviously cared about josie much more
    By cazb19865 years ago
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