Kanye West's Runaway Confession

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A look into the depths of Kanye's soul.

I prodded the demon last week during his live post-Runaway interview, repeatedly sending questions about his demonic nature. Naturally, the soulless bastard felt forced to address it, and I took it from there.

Samples "Call Me, Call Me" by the Seatbelts and Steve Conte.


love what you are doing ^o^ btw check out my pics!! ...
By loveelybabi51 4 years ago
how were they enlightened? are you talking buddhism enlightenment? no. you're throwing the word out there because you're ignorant. renounce the credits you received from that class. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM1CkXxwf0Y
By funkatram 4 years ago
The Illuminati factor when it comes to Kanye, Jay Z or any Black Men becoming wealthy is ridiculous. It’s a nice way of showing black people that you have to be evil to be successful and trying to discourage us. The word Illuminati means to “Illuminate”. To become enlightened and that is all it means. I took a course on it in college. The Great Philosophers were enlightened. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Frederick Douglass. So to turn Enlightenment into some sort of stupid ass cult is just idiotic and all I can say is this: You idiots that relate being rich and successful and black to being a devil worshiper justifies the crab theory. That is …A N*****r is like a Crab…It doesn’t take a minute for one to reach the top of the barrel before another one comes along to drag him back down again. Get a freaking grip. This Illuminati b*llsh*t is just another example of Ghetto Ass Stupidity and an excuse to be content AT BEING IGNORANT AND POOR!
By TheArtOfThGame 4 years ago